This one had been on my Netflix queue for quite some time. I ended up bumping it up on my watch list because one of my friends (hey, @adgwatches, heyyy!) gave it a pretty great review.

Now, it’s not to say that I dislike this movie, I just didn’t end up being that big of a fan of it. If that makes sense. It was like I went to a restaurant, ordered a delicious blt, and ended up getting a delicious reuben. While it is indeed scrumptious, it just wasn’t what I had a taste for/what I wanted. I mean the reuben is good and it still gets consumed… it’s just slightly disappointing.

I enjoyed the two main characters (especially Christian aka good dosage of eye candy). Nine times out of ten I just felt like hugging Wyatt and Christian because they’re adorable in such a lost and crazy way.

Overall, the movie wasn’t bad. It really wasn’t. It just wasn’t my particular cup of tea– or delicious sandwich, to go back to my aforementioned analogy.

The following things were my only random interjections/commentary:

  • Why pour perfectly good beer down the drain? Just say you don’t want it!
  • Do guys really pep talk themselves in the mirror?
  • A flip phone though? Time to upgrade, dude. ASAP.
  • Super loud motivational recordings. I had to keep turning down the volume until the statements were done and then turn it right back up. Boisterous motivation.
  • How are you going to fire someone and then come over to their residence a hour later trying to recreationally hang out? That’s not okay.
  • I always thought places of business would be suspicious/voice some concern if people bought items like rope, acid, an axe, and a crowbar at the same time. Guess not!
  • Do legit psychiatrists meet with patients at random locations such as a lake? Sketchy.
  • Christian sure does own a lot of those really long 80’s/90’s-ish gym socks.
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