Well, I obviously paid no attention to any form of advertisement that I saw about this cinematic adventure. I’m honestly not sure what I was expecting, but, a “based on a true story” lifetime journey in the woods during the early 1900’s was far from it.

Were the imagery, costumes, and all of that usual stuff wonderful and elaborate? Sure, absolutely. Did I enjoy the actual overall movie? No, not so much. It just seemed to drudge on and on and on! I actually fell asleep twice and it still felt as lifelong as the search for the city depicted in the movie. It struggled to hold my attention and half the time (probably because of my two mini-naps) I didn’t know what was really going on and when aside from them literally traipsing through the jungle. At one point I’m pretty sure I even said will he either find this place or die trying already? Rude, I know. It wasn’t the absolute worst movie that I have ever watched. I can at least give it that much of a break, but, it was far from the best. To me it felt like it was a combination of Jumanji and any televised National Geographic documentary ever done.

Although I did doze off a couple of times I did manage to have a few “ponder points” of commentary:

  • They continuously drudge up dude’s dad with snide remarks like “unfortunate in choice of ancestors.” What a dick thing to say!
  • I legitimately struggle at understanding accents. Though I could listen to/watch Charlie Hunnam all day every day, I don’t know anyone’s name or anything going on except the mapping of uncharted territory shenanigans going on.
  • Sienna Miller sure is in a lot of productions these days. Good for her!
  • Literally every man in this movie has a massive mustache. What is that about? I find it hard to believe that every man in the early 1900’s had a mustache.
  • What kind of idiot tries to rob somebody on a crowded train in the broad light of day?
  • What is this mini “opera house” in the middle of the jungle? And also why?
  • How do they continuously receive and send letters while on these years long excursions?

Then I fell asleep twice and never successfully got back into it, but, I can tell you how it eventually ends.

Bottom line of this one, I wouldn’t watch it again voluntarily. I know a lot of people loved it, but, I am just not one of them. It’s just not one of James Gray’s best in my opinion.

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