How adorable is this movie?! Tremendously, that’s how much!

Naturally I didn’t read the book beforehand or really watch many of the trailers and things. I really need to step my literature game up… someday. Not today, but, someday.

I went into this one thinking it was going to be a Nicholas Sparks kind of deal where someone dies tragically and tears are shed well into the time of the credits rolling, but, alas that was not the case! This one left me with the feeling that if a girl basically living in a bubble aka glass house can find love then maybe there’s hope for all of us out there.

There were little gems of comedy combined with the cutest of cute romance. The soundtrack played into everything perfectly, I just love love loved it overall, and the super mega twist was one that even I couldn’t predict. That’s something that hasn’t happened in a million years.

There weren’t many “ponder points” of commentary while I watched this one aside from the following:

  • I spent way too long trying to remember where I had seen Olly guy before. Juarassic World! Loved that movie too.
  • How is it possible that:
    • A. Little Hunger Games girl (who I have Googled to find out her real name is Amandla Stenberg) is so grown up?!
    • B. That Hunger Games came out like six years ago already?! Where does the time go?
  • Maddy‘s wardrobe though… I need all of the details on every garment. She was always dressed so freaking cute.
  • I found myself really wanting some kind of bundt cake, a Hawaiian vacation, and an Olly next door.

I’d watch this one a few more times, easily. For sure.

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