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GREAT ZEUS’ TRIDENT. I haven’t been that wide-eyed and startled that many times since the whole Paranormal Activity saga was in full swing. I fully expected to be disappointed by watching 1.5 hours of a doll mysteriously moving around in an old house like the previous installment. Thankfully, that was far from the case. That’s something I know I haven’t said many times when it comes to any sort of sequel.

Really the morals of this portion of the story could be summed up in two points:

  1. Teach your kids to look both ways! Even back in the 40’s, or whenever the first “developmental part” of the movie takes place, cars still had some horse power. Clearly not smart to run out into the dirt road for a lug nut. Come on now!
  2. Don’t go exploring things and/or places you have no business being around and/or in! Tale as old as time.

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prequels, sequels, and remakes… oh my!

First of all, I completely realize that I have been slacking when it comes to these updates. I could come up with a million excuses but we all know that excuses are like belly buttons aka everybody’s got some kind of version of one; ergo, I won’t bother. It’s not like I haven’t watched any cinematic adventures during the time of my impromptu hiatus, because I absolutely have. A day without watching a movie is like a day without eating breakfast… it’s possible, but, it’s the most important meal of the day!

Second of all, this post isn’t technically going to be a post about a specific movie. Rather, a post about a subject that I feel very strongly about when it comes to movies in general. Prequels, sequels, and remakes or reboots… whatever word you want to use for them.

THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! Why are they literally EVERYWHERE?! It’s insane!

I have no problem accepting the fact that every generation is going to have their take on certain classics such as the superhero genre. We’ve had Adam West, Michael Keaton (aka the best Batman of all,) George Clooney, the tragic Val Kilmer rendition, Christian Bale, and now Ben Affleck… totally understandable to keep Batman going. The same can be said for Superman, Spiderman, etc. There have been awesome versions and there have been versions that I think we can all agree should never be spoken of again (cough Val Kilmer cough).

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