WTF is flickscreed?

Long story short? Flickscreed is simply a synonym for “movie” combined with a synonym for “talk.”

Why? Because for as long as I can remember, I have been a movie fanatic that gets told to “be quiet” due to the fact that I’m talking to the screen. I’m that person. You know that person. They’re the one who gets so enraptured in a movie that they are criticizing the poor decisions that the characters make, as if it’s real life. They get super engrossed and pick everything apart. The one who doesn’t hesitate to call a character an idiot for going upstairs instead of down and all of that other stuff that might be considered ridiculous or unnecessary.

Ergo, I finally decided to create an oasis for those who can relate because… why not? With a plethora of movies (old, new, good, bad, and everything in-between); all of that commentary will be housed here.

It may get super detail-oriented for no good reason. Things may get intense. Things may get ridiculous. It may even get a little weird from time to time but welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a judgment free zone for cinematic adventure discussions!